Friday, May 9, 2008

Will they Make it?

Since Cache was BORN,(and still nursing) Devin has begged me every spring to let him take Cache on the annual Father son Campout in whatever ward we happen to be in. This year I really had no excuse to say no... Devin packed everything in under 5 minutes, until I reminded him that they needed bug spray,wipes and diapers ...Oops I just realized they didn't take toothbrushes..I have high doubts they would use them anyway without me there. I really can't say I wish i could go because I don't, but I do wish I could just peep in to laugh at them and take pictures everyonce in awhile... especially when bedtime rolls around. Which brings me to my question.."Will they make it through the night? Will I be sleeping alone tonight?" I wish you guys could see how excited Devin was getting ready to go. It's like he has been waiting his entire life for this day.. I hope they have a good time.

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natalie spratling said...

what fun. Bruce also took Parker on every farther son campout. There first one began when he was 6 mo. old and they had a blast.