Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Oregon trip

In April, we went to Oregon to listen to Devin's Dad Wayne speak.  He has been released from his job as Stake President after 9+ years. It was neat to hear him speak. That is a big job and an even bigger weight off his shoulders.  We knew that soon they would be selling this house and all animals and putting in mission papers, so we just tried to go home and make a few last memories in Devin's childhood home.
Naomi and her "bestest cousin" Krista (who Naomi says in hike-school and knows everything) romped around with Grandma's horses in handmade dresses by Grandma. As I watched these two girls, it struck me that I was watching a quintessential, never to be re-created again childhood moment. 
 So I had to grab my camera. 
"All animals love me mama."    
Naomi is just like her Grandma Janie in her love for animals. I mean really you have no idea. Nay was born with it. 
Before Devin's parents left, Janie sold/gave away her: cats, kittens, little dog, big dog, 2 horses and miniature donkey. And all in one week.  My heart hurt for her a little bit. I know that was hard for her! 

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