Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I love Easter!  This is a little face book entry I wrote the night of:
"3am: Awake to kids in living room eating chocolate bunnies. Insisting that their baskets came with 2 large bunnies and parents came with none...
Its just pass 3:30 am and I just returned to bed after prying two fistfuls of jelly beans from Naomi's hands as she lay in bed! She didn't even get upset. She laughed and shoved as many as she could get away from me into her mouth... Going to be a looong Easter Sunday."

Easter morning we gathered our 3 little kids onto our bed.  Devin showed them a movie clip of Christ's resurrection.  Such a special sweet little Easter morning in our bright room all gathered on our bed in the morning light. 
I live for that kind of thing.
Then we let them loose. 

We tried to steer away from as much candy this year, but then as we leaned toward toys it started turning into Christmas! 
 I have to put some major control on myself. They are just too fun to buy stuff for because they get so excited about everything!  I thought in the end we had a nice balance.  
Cache- Swimming mask for our Friday night pool nights at the gym.
Naomi- A magnifying glass for her love of ants, princess crayons and shoes.
Gage - A chocolate car and sponge bob candy(sponge sponge)  Gage calls every burger "krabby patties" and requests them for dinner all the time.(I think he's seen it one time?)    
Oh and do parents matter? 
Devin- A tie and nice hair gel that smells manly and won't leave white stuff. 
Me-  Lara bars instead of chocolate, because I'm always trying to not eat sugar.(boring!) And new salad tongs. Thanks Mom!
 His chubby hands on his chocolate car, is just my favorite thing.
Grandma Colette was in town a few days before and left a few things for their baskets. PUZZLES!
 Crabby patties! 
OH no. Crabby Patty, Mama.

 Easter dinner at the Hawkes! Jason of course cooked us up some tregger meat.  I love the Hawkes. Even though their 3 kids are older than ours, they are the sweetest to ours and play with them the whole time and fed our kids ALL their left over candy. Such nice kids! We had a a very Happy Easter!

And just a few of my bunnies helping me prepare for Easter.

"I not UH bunny Mama. I BAT-MAN."

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