Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Easter Best

 We took a quick minute before leaving the house to take a few pictures, "just in case." We wanted to take pictures in a grassy field behind the church. Never happened. Naomi had colored her left leg solid green by the time we got 2 blocks to the church building, and Gage stuck 5 red jelly bean in his pocket that he had sucked on.  Glad I grabbed these crazy moments! 
They me laugh so much

Each child we have, I truly believe there could not be a happier, sillier child,
 but they just keep getting sillier.
I mean seriously.
Naomi. Look over here hun. 

Just ONE nice picture guys. PLEASE!
Does Cache's expression remind you of  Spratling Uncle in this pic or what? 

"Naomi, put your foot down and smile pretty."
"I can't help it, my foot just points when I laugh!"

 Bunnies ears fit Easter right?
I give up! Get in the car!