Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Weekend

  •  Rained and poured. Love! It did however discourage us from our camping plans.
  • Watched movies
  •  slept in our own beds with the windows open to smell the storm.
  • Woke up and drove to the mountains for breakfast. 
  • Gage LOOOVES pancakes. All morning long while everyone else was at the river, he kept coming back to his plate. He would sing and giggle and say: "Syrup. hehe."  

 He and his pancakes had a grand time together.

  •  Naomi: "Mom, come with me, lets go find pretty things, because we are pretty and need to hold pretty things. 
  •  Gym as a family. Since Devin's speed school is part of our gym right now(Axiom),  we can go over and play there and have the whole place to ourselves.  Naomi made me a bed of weighted balls. Surprisingly comfy. 

    • Ended the weekend with games and a BBQ at the Hanks. Will post Devin winning minute to win it. Hilarious!

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    Cindy Spratling said...

    Sometimes I want to be a kid in your family. You are so adventurous and active!