Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life is a Musical with Cache

OH our Cache loves music. I have a ton of videos of him playing air guitar in public places.. but they take too long to down load. So you'll have to come to our house to watch. Every day several times a day cache gets out his favorite book: The primary hymn book and has me go through it, and sing every page.. He has the pictures memorized now though, so I can't get away with tricking him into singing. "on top of old smokey" when it is really a hymn I don't know. That trick only worked for a couple days. He just sounds so cute singing "on top of old smokey, all covered with cheesse.." and on.. Recently we've witnessed Cache sit our neighbor down on his front porch step and try and teach him " I am a child of God" very cute. But in church he sings ABC's all the way through sacrament.. At night before bed, he accompanies bed time songs with his electric guitar and insists that Mommy plays the "paaano" and dad the "dums" of course these are all air instruments. Or also fun is when he makes up songs about his cereal or about daddy making dinner. He has the best grand finale notes that are basically just yelling at the top of his lungs, but trying to shake his voice. Where did he learn to do that? This is just a fun stage, I wish i could down load all the videos.. but I just don't have enough is a few videos. and the above picture is showing how Cache has taken over the guitar case.. We don't let him touch the nice guitar..that is suppose to go in it. You get to hear me also singing in my morning voice.. lovely, just ignore it.

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