Saturday, October 24, 2009


I'm missin that Devin t'night. When were newlyweds, it hurt to be separated from him for even one hour. I was told by friends a little more seasoned in the married life: "Don't worry, this stage fades quickly and then you'll get annoyed when he comes home early." I'm relieved to say that 5 years later that day has not come yet. Although it would be nice to feel that on nights like tonight.
Anyway, so here I sit alone with the computer and the sum of that equals a blog post.
Lucky you. Tonights post will be of last nights date night. Creepy World. Devin passed his second set of national boards!(phew) 2 down 2 to go! His choice of celebrating was to take me to a haunted house.


  • I was super leary of this whole thing and had a sick feeling while waiting in line. Walking up the stairs to the mansion, the main ticket guy (huge guy with a big red mustache,) POUNDED his fists on the front porch and yelled "KEEP MOVIN!" Like we were cattle. He was sincerly TICKED that people were walking too slow to get in the mansion. I suddenly had serious worries that this was a trick like Pinnochio when he goes off to that "fun island" and turns into a donkey. No really, it was so unsettling.
  • Entering in, I turned and said: "Devin I am SO not a screamer, sorry to dissapoint you." Five seconds into the front doors, we BOTH started screaming. And we didn't stop for the next hour.
  • I don't enjoy being scared.
  • Those black high heeled boots were not the best the idea no matter how cute they looked with jeans. Too much running.
  • We were the only people there above 17 years of age. So it was easy to reminisce when we were 17...when we met.
  • Devin realized that I was more terrified than having fun... and began trying to help the situation by putting himself btw me and the monsters. That just egged them ON. They got more aggressive in their efforts to getin my face, grab me or follow me screaming in the back of my hair and whipping their chains at me... seriously, we both were thinking WHAT are have we gotten ourselves INTO?
  • Devin moved on to PLAN B: make friends with ghouls by laughing at them or complimenting them on there "lovely dress or neat head band." And turning the tables on THEM and trying to sneak up on them. OH this was hilarious. This got us all laughing and we had a great time from there ON. I love Devin so much.
  • On the haunted hay ride, a 16 year old girl jumped into Devin's lap and held onto his hand for the whole ride, clinging to him with her dear dramatic teeny bopper life. I was too scared to care. So I just held onto her.
  • The whole night was one anxiety attack after another.
  • I kicked a zombie in the leg with my pointy boots HARD. I yelled at a dead soldier with a chain saw to "back off" and he did. Like I said I don't enjoy being scared.
  • The amount of work that went into creating that place blows my mind.
  • No I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It's just too scary. DARK.
  • Although... Devin DID scream like a little girl and that might have been worth it.
I'll now just enjoy the brighter, happier side of the season.
Just some fall pictures. Taken by Devin and Self Timer.
We had like 10 min of sunlight when we got there, so this
is all we got. We'll try it again, maybe with a friend instead
of self-timer. Devin asked me to stand up there so he could
know where to prop up the camera for the self timer pics.
I'm posting them, cuz I like my boots :)
H A P P Y F A L L.


Kara and Chant said...

Those are the cutest pictures. You are so beautiful! And I love your boots too. I am with you, I don't like to be scared either. Glad you made it out alive ;)

MegRich said...

What cute family pictures. You're a total babe in your boots Amie! Congrats to Devin for passing his boards!

Cher said...

You are gorgeous and hilarious. Such a great combination. Your family is gorgeous too and your husband is so funny. Makes me miss you gusy loads! Oh and adorable boots:) Love ya.

Dave & Colette said...

Congratulations Devin on passing your boards. I'm with you on the haunted house! And I love your fall pictures. Amie your hair is so beautiful. Go buy some no Poo! I'll give you the funds.
I love you guys!!!

Cindy Spratling said...

Okay okay okay Amie, I think I am beginning to be satisfied with your blog now. THANK YOU for posting pictures of yourself. I know it's hard to do when you are humble like yourself, but it's a must when you are as beautiful as you are! I love your skirt and boots and hair. And the Fall pictures are awesome! I love Cache in the last one.
okay, now the haunted house thing... I love the run down on how the whole night went. Especially the part about the 16 year old girl holding Devin's hand. Hahaha! Oh, and what's no poo? Love you guys!

KevandChels said...

Those are cool boots but you're also gorgeous! I'm glad you posted those picks! When I get plastic surgery I want to look like you:) Hope you're enjoying fall there. It looks like it's beautiful there.

Alison said...

That is a crazy story! I have never been to a "good" haunted house. I think I would freak, too. I LOVE the fall pictures (and your boots!). Thanks for sharing!

Amie Orton said...

Chelsea, you are so funny, what a wierd compliment,,I guess anyone can look good if you point the camera at the right angle! And then i was just thinking if only you could have plastic surgery on legs and I could have legs just like chelsea.:)

Cindy- no poo Is shampoo for curly head people. It is spendy, and basically it has no suds so it's called "no poo" and it doesn't take any oil outta your hair, because curly heads usually never have oily hair, instead Dry hair(like me)

thanks for the nice compliments. a nice word always makes a day seem a bit brighter.


natalie spratling said...

Amie, Hannah said what if you fell in. That would not be good. Thanks goodness you didn't. I love the photos. You all look fabulous!!!! Way to go Devin on passing your boards. In the last photo Naomi is looking at you like you are crazy, I think this is my favorite. Love you guys. Happy Halloween.

Tait said...

I don't go to Haunted Houses not cause of the scare factor but because you never know hwat kind of weirdos could be hiding out there. Now they get too close an touch you..When I was little I went with my parents to a haunted house and the vampire lady kissed my dad on the cheek and I kicked her really hard..Taught her.

Jenni said...

I like your boots too! Where did you get them up? Happy Halloween!