Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cache: Mom I rrreaally want a cellphone.
Me: no way hozay(jose?)
Cache: Well when I grow up I want an i-pod touch with headphones and shoes with stars on the side and a skeleton shirt.
Mom skeletons are jus like rockstars. And mom I want to be cool.

me: Cache you are cool.
Cache: ya but I just need cool pants and cool shoes now.

He's not even five yet folks. (And by the way way I will never let him wear skeletons)

Speaking of this.. Cache sleeps in like a teenager, well till 8 or 9 and occasionally 10am. And if you wake him up early he is sooo cranky and you have to drag him out of bed.

Also Cache has began using the phrase: "The word on the street is..."
Example: "Mom the word on the street is that we need to have peanut-butter sandwiches for lunch."
He can apply this new saying of his to most situations.

I might make him watch toy story or Cars this afternoon...somehow that will make me feel better.


Crystal and Billy said...

The word on the street is....Cache cracks me up.

Ben said...

Cache is a stud!!