Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gage is ONE

If you didn't know, September is Birthday month in our home.
Today is Gage's day!
So we started the day of course with...
Dear Louie,  Happy Birthday to our sweet li'l sunshine. 
Never was there a loving baby than you.
Many that have spent enough time around you tell me that your spirit just 
is extra  sweet.
You may have inherited a quality your grandma Colette has: A calming presence.
Our Big, kind, sweet, happy soul.
You really do have the disposition of Whinnie the pooh.
And the tummy.
My goal through out your life will be to perserve this quality in you.
I hope you carry it with you your whole life!
I baby you more than any baby so far. You are one and your crib is still in my room! 
The mother I was 6 years ago would have totally looked down on me now.
But we are happy together aren't we bud?
I started letting you get yourself to sleep just this week and you are doing great. 
Tops 10 minutes. Usually 2.
Until now I rocked you to sleep 3 times a day.
You got two top teeth and a small peak of a bottom one today! But you two top toofers make you seem extra silly.
You are such a nursing baby and can't even figure out a sippy cup.

You LOVE your soft brown blankie.  
And love love love to cuddle and lay your giant head on people, and
stuffed animals.
You love to find containters, empty boxes, bowls etc. and fill it with small things.
You chase me around the kitchen when I sweep and sit in my pile.
All the while smiling away.
I carry you everywhere under my left arm like a football or super man. If not, you just follow me and if I stop you are standing at my legs, smiling up at me.  You like me, and I love it.
(Dad has been the favorite so far amongst Cache and Nay.)
  Sometimes I even forget I'm carrying you, and will panick and start looking for you.
I'm that use to carrying you around, I don't even realize it.
Everything you say starts with a D. 
Duh duh duh.
Except when I'm around you do say:
Ma Ma ma ma. (Always 4 times in a row.)

Going from 2 children to 3 when I think about it, was so crazy!
You came into our life during the most stressfull year of our entire life so far, and hopefully ever.
But looking back on it, it's certainly been the sweetest at home.
A lot of that is because of the smiles you've brought us.
Happy Birthday!
We will be going to "Old Mcdonalds" for happy meal dinner.
Since that's the rule around here: Fast food is only for Grandma's treats or birthdays oh and valentines sometimes..
I know boring, stingy mama. Your little body will thank me for it.
Maybe I'll get the double birthday party pics (we held last week) posted later tonight.

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