Friday, September 23, 2011

Compare and contrast

Naomi then..

11 months:

ONE year.

18 months:

2 Years old.

And Naomi now 3!

Gage one short year ago...

Gage NOW!

These just happen to be the only party hats we had around the house.
Turns out it was  the same hat Cache wore on his 1st birthday..
I love how it emphasised both of their chin fat. 
Cache 5 years ago:

No hat.
 Same cute chins.

I can't believe we've done this 3 times already!
what a fantastic little adventure It's been so far.


natalie spratling said...

Happy Birthday Naomi and Gage!!!Oh, how sweet the kids and the cakes, love the photos Amie you and Sarah need to come my way and do the cakes and photos for my kidos. Just two days and you'd have it all done. Schedule some time in February:)

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Naomi looks a bit like Gage when she was 18 months and one. So cute!