Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is Cache before school today.
notice his um... bling?
I was all like: "Who do you think you are Eminem?"
That just started a conversation about candy.
I told him boys don't usually wear necklaces.
He told me... oh boy are you ready for this?
"Mom, sometimes if your cool enough boys can wear whatever they want."
I sent him to school, sorta hoping someone would make fun him when he got there.
Nope. Came home still wearin it.
Oh well. Maybe he's right.
After all the first time I met his dad, he was wearing a maroon sweater and shorts and still I thought he was the best looking boy I had ever met! I was smitten. 
Sometimes I get glimpses of this really good boy who's favorite book is Farmer boy(Laura Ingalls Wilder), Who for years now has LOVED the game of Chess,  Who's favorite prophet is Joseph smith.     He also loves Captain Moroni, and Abraham Lincoln.  He tells me about Daniel and the lions den and how if he is obedient he'll be protected...  Certainly knows more than we've ever taught him. But then, and this just makes me laugh. There is this boy who loves skulls on all clothes and shoes.  Wears a hoodie like a gangsta 7 months out of the year. Oh and his favorite music video of all time? Chris Brown: yeah yeah yeah.  Every day this summer and now every day after school during his snack. 
I love it now too. Especially at 1:30.

Whatever happened to the little farmer boy I planned on raising?


natalie spratling said...

Oh, don't they have a mind of their own. When Parker was 2 we were living in Utah and we would go up to the flats where they were cutting wheat and Parker would watch them for 2 hours while the girls (6 months) would take their nap in their car seat. He knew the names of all the tractors, combines etc. Now my little boy is almost 17, driving, dating, and playing rugby. oh, my little boy:)Can't wait to see Cache at that age. Parker will be 29 with a little one of his own maybe. 12 years Amie it goes by so FAST!!! give your sweet fam a hug from their great aunt:)

Cher said...

This was Lucy's fav song about 6 months ago (she goes through stages) but we love Chris Brown too, if only he didn't beat girls up:)