Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday sweet Naomi! 
Happy Birthday to you!
Naomi is officially 3 today.  We love her!  She had her birthday party earlier this week.
 I'll post those pictures later.  
So this morning we kept it simple with seven stack mickey mouse pancakes.
The funniest part of taking this picture was her reaction to Cache sitting on the barstool next to her.
Cache: "Nay that's a bad smile."
Naomi: (scrunching up her face and yelling) "NO IT NOT Tash!"
Then turning back to me, tilt head and giving me this smile.
They did this 3 times. I was rolling.
She also got to open horsies from her Grandma Orton and a pink pony from her Uncle Pat(birthday buddies) She has been neighing all. day. long.
Happy Birthday Naomi.
You add so much color to our life!
You are very very loved.

** Cache just walked by and pointed at the picture and said "Nay that's a bad smile." Naomi is now crying.  Que to get off the computer!


sillynicolegirl said...

Happy Birthday Naomi!! Can't believe she's 3! Such a cutie.

natalie spratling said...

Happy birthday Sweet Naomi, Great Aunt Natalie thinks you have a fabulous birthday smile. Sure love you.