Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Spring cleaning Inspiration

Devin fly's out in the morning(5am actually, eek)  for a weekend conference.
I will be home.
Rocking a sick baby.
Watching General Conference. (Yay!)
AND... making a giant mess  spring cleaning!

I don't know why I think I can tackle something like spring cleaning when Devin's out of town, when I
can't even get all my normal cleaning done when's he's IN town.(At least not with a sick baby)
BUT I'm inspired by this family.

 Also inspired by
 pictures like this:

White things and lots of light make me feel I can breath deeper.
So what I'm saying is if the spring cleaning ends up a total bust I'm gonna start painting everything white(already started), because Painting with 3 tiny children is WAY easier than cleaning...wait.
I do have a plan though, it worked like a charm when pregnant packing with 2 little ones and Devin was too busy at school to  help. I'm gonna start in one corner of the house(our closet) and like a lawn mower or usually I visualize a Combine I'm going to move to the front door. Then we're gonna have a garage sale and goodwill whatever doesn't sell. I might not even make it 3 feet across the house this entire weekend.  Especially since after a flood and messing with the computer, I grounded Nay and Cache from baths and cartoons. HA! They have to build forts and take showers this weekend instead. Anyway,Yup. That's me plan.


Kiley said...

Good luck Amie! I hate cleaning (and you can totally tell by the looks of my house).

Hey, you asked about the backpack a while back...we haven't used it much at all, but we like it so far. The good things are the metal frame, it doesn't collapse in on Gabe at all. Another thing is the sun it. The older styel than the one we got is cheaper & has very small differences. We got the newest version because we got a SMOKIN deal, so why not?!! I might do a real review on my fitness blog someday. I'll let you know if/when I do.

Cindy Spratling said...

Um... good luck. I have NEVER painted because I'm scared of what my kids will do, so I'm am impressed that you are going to attempt. I LOVE your inspiration pictures. I love them!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

You're crazy.

Aubrey said...

Ah I only long for a laundry space like this. Ar you guys still renting? or do you have your own place now?