Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So we are sitting in the living room.  Naomi is standing on the coffee table just singin.
She spots the box of tissue also on the table, and snatches one up.
I think, here she goes smearing snot all over her face again. 
I was wrong.
To my shock, wwwwhips up her dress revealing she has No undies on. (*gasp*)
 "Nay WHERE are..."
And instead of her nose, wipes her be-HIND !!!

I tried to scold her but in the end I just rolled with laughter. She always surprises me.

And here is my picture for the week.
Yellow, but doesn't matter .


Unknown said...

I always love Naomi stories!! She is so funny!!

Cher said...

Bahahaha! Great story.

Bre said...

I love that picture, Gage is such a cutie. I always worry that I'm feeding Lane too much because he's so big and our ward is full of little babies, but those thighs look very similar to Lanes. We just have healthy boys!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Look at those legs! Naomi is so funny. I had a little bit of a crazy day, and this post just made me feel so much better : ).

Megan said...

Love it. I was laughing so hard that Scotty came over and read the words instead of just looking at the pics.