Monday, January 16, 2012

A conversation to remember

On the way home from a park tonight I heard Cache in the back explaining to Nay:
"If you plug your nose and hold you breath and blow out really hard Your eyeball will pop out of your head.  Then you have to wait for a long long time for another eyeball to grow back."

Pretty soon, he yelled to the front for me to confirm his story.  I told him NO that sadly eyeballs don't grow back.

He wasn't convinced.
"Well arms and fingers grow back if they get chopped off, so an eyeball might too if your really careful with your body and eat and sleep really good."

Well, no actually arms and fingers don't grow back either Cache. Although it would be so great if they did. But they don't.

"Well one time at the fair I saw this guy with short arms and he had 3 fingers on one hand and 4 fingers on the other hand."

So what did you think about him?

"That he was just working hard to grow his fingers and arms back after they got chopped off.  He just had baby arms, and they were growing UP."

UPDATE: Cache told us the source of such knowledge that eyeballs will pop out of heads was
Uncle Nick.

My favorite thing that Naomi says lately is:

"Tashy is being inapopeee AT."  (Cache is being inappropriate.)
She's says this very seriously while blinking her wide eyes at me.
Then nods her head and walks away like a little miss.
These are our blessed children in their Christmas outfits. 
I meant to retake them. Don't I always?
I just really imagined these pics in snow.
Still waitin for that snow.
In the mean time, these make me happy.
Behold our 3 Christmas cheese balls.

 OH looking at those pictures makes me feel like I just laughed for 10 minutes.
I don't know why I was given such characters to raise.
But I am grateful. 
Well... most of the time.


Cindy Spratling said...

:) Smiling really big right now!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Sounds like something that would come from Nick! His little sister grew up thinking that bruises would go away if you pushed on them really hard.