Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In the life...

It's a wonder more doesn't get done around here with all this help.
This is why I wait till 10pm to deep clean the bathrooms.


Naomi:  "Mom I hear a volcano in my chest.  It's going to blow up and splode my heart." 
I have no idea, but she'll tell you all about it.

Another Naomi logic from Bath time this morning:
"Louie sit down. Louie, I SAID sit down! Tashhy help me so Louie doesn't dus slip down, roll over and bonk his head, THEN he's eyes will blink blink blink."

Tonight as Devin was home for 30 minutes to throw down a smoothie and some chicken, wrestle with kids,
listen to Naomi tell about her volcano in her chest,  do a whirl wind clean of the house (to help me prepare for Activity days at our house), listen to me yell, STOP cleaning I can handle it!(even though I probably couldn't get it done in time) and then finally kiss me goodbye to go teach till 10pm, I sighed: "Do you think we'll ever be bored again?"  I wish we could be bored.
I wish we could be bored in Hawaii.


Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

My goodness. The next time I think my life is crazy busy I will think of you! I hope you get to be bored again real soon. Love you.

natalie spratling said...

I need your little helpers at my house. Soon they will be teenagers and ask why they have to do all of the vacuuming and what do I do? Plenty I tell them.:)