Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tonight went like this:

5ish-extra kids gone.
5:05is- spaghetti is decided for dinner while Cache checks the mail.
5:06- Cache announces its super warm out and he reeeeally wants to go the park.
Dad won't be home till late, heck why not.
5:10- A car full of scooter and kids eating animal crackers(dinner is postponed) on the way to the park.
6:00- Return home to a house FULL of smoke.
I forgot to take the spaghetti noodles off the stove in our haste to get to the park.
Black pan found-suprisingly and thankfully not much damage to stove or pot.
6:05-I run through the smoke opening all windows and doors in house, when I hear hysterical crying.
Naomi did not take a nap = a Maniac, true true MANIAC that is upset by everything if she is not in pj's and in bed by 5:55pm.
The open windows have upset her and she is frantically closing them all.
6:15. Take a kicking and screaming Nay back out to the car and buckle her in with her blankie.  She is calm.
go back in and open all the windows.
6:30. Arrive at Costa Vida smelling like smoke.  Two kids wrapped in blankets.
We stay for over an hour and 1/2 sharing salads and Nachos and watching surfing. The kids want to move to Hawaii too. :)  Cache continues his plot to throw pies in his Dad's face as soon as he can.  He is such a happy kid. I love him.
7:30ish Devin is done seeing patients and joins us. Gets the low down on the fire, but he says he can smell us from outside.

Day is done.
  I had the best time I've ever had with my 3 kids sharing food and waiting for our house to un-smoke.
I'v never laughed so hard at their tactics, personalities, attitudes.  And I so love seeing my kids inhale salad.  Cafe rio and costa vida are the only places they do that.  Crazy night turned great night.

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shelly said...

I just heard raves about Costa Vida and have it on our list of places to check out. Now that you mention your kids will eat salad there?!!!! It's moved waaaaay up on my priority list =) I'm glad the house didn't burn down. Sounds like something I would do. Just this afternoon I was lifting weights and realized after a certain exercise that I had a few extra pounds on one end of the bar, no idea =)