Friday, January 20, 2012

I was reading this website.  And found this advice. I loved it. I needed it. Here it i:
 Children are not adults.
so let's stop expecting them to act like adults!
Let's remember that we have almost 20 years with them in our home.
Let's remember that it's our job to keep reminding, keep training, keep responding with kindness...over and over and over.
(times infinity)

Let's remember that their immature behavior doesn't make them bad, and doesn't make us bad.
It makes them children.
Which is exactly what they are supposed to be. If children acted like adults, why would they need us?
Do we hope they'll be "good" so they don't inconvenience us? Do we hope they'll be "good" so they make us look good in front of others?
(yes, raising my hand sheepishly here)
Or do we expect to do our jobs? Expecting to love unconditionally, to chase away fears and worries from our minds, to show and model grace.
(times infinity)
Sounds like a job description worthy of a couple of decades, don't you think?

I also loved the link at the bottom of this post titled. "Have a YES day."
It's all about saying yes to children.  
I read several articles on saying YES. THIS was my favorite ever.
Saying yes does feel good.  It reminds me how exciting the world felt when I was a child and gives me a chance to give my children the experiences they'll remember forever.  

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One mom said...

Thanks for the perspective. Sometimes parenting can be so frustrating. It is important to take a step back and remember that are children are people in training, and that training doesn't happen overnight.