Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas at Devin and Amie's.

Growing up I still remember the tall candle my mom would get out with a picture of a fire place on it.
I can actually smell it still when I think about it.  I also remember the little toy soldier riding the wooden rocking horse.  And I remember what the snowman decorations tasted like. Because I ate them. ha.
The Christmas decor at our house has lots of meaning too.
The stocking Grandma Orton made for us.
 Nay's snow globe collection.
The snow Globe from Naomi's second Christmas.
It is Cache and Naomi in bed, with Cache's blankie. 
Cache's green blanket even has swirls on it just like that.
The Snow Globe from Gage's first Christmas.  
This one was picked because we needed a Nativity amongst our Christmas decor and we had a new baby that Christmas just like Jesus.
She doesn't get one every year, just sometimes when we find the perfect one.

 Our family stockings.  Gage's says Louis on it because he was our St. Louis baby.

This year I used the scraps from the tree to help out the rest of the house.
I was pretty darn proud of myself, and it made our whole house smell like Christmas tree!
A turtle Dove.

All of my many Garage Sale decorations.
I don't go anymore. It lost it's thrill with our move it Idaho. 
 This guy collects all the incoming Christmas cards,
 before they are read and taped to the inside of our front door.
 2005 Cache's first Christmas.
Also our first Christmas as a couple.
That was crazy.
 Some of the boys ornaments.
They are indestructible.
Perfect for little boys who like to play with ornaments.
Thus the reason only 2 are pictured.  The train and plane are lost somewhere under the tree in toys right now.

 This little ball right here is my inheritance from my Great Grandma Price.
One of the awesomest ladies that ever lived.
The single most peaceful feeling I've ever felt was sleeping at their house.
I loved their little house.  I loved them.
I don't even know if she treasured this little ball. Probably not.
But I do. 
And I think of her every single Christmas when I hang it on the tree.

That's a glimpse of our Christmas home 2011.


Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Your decorations are beautiful!!! I wish I could have seen them in person.

One mom said...

One word sums it up: beautiful.