Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nothing a good sunset can't fix

Its a struggle living in the city.  Love the conveniences.  Not the view.  It's been a hard thing for me since moving out of my parents house and into dorms at BYU right after high school.  I feed off beautiful nature and wide open spaces.(Que Dixie chicks song... "Wiiiiide open spaces!")  It's hard to explain how it makes me feel but I feel very sad after awhile. Once I tried to explain it to my college roommate,  when I was crying about too much pavement and trees that were planted... not real trees.  Yah she looked at me like I was nuts.  And I was, and probably still am.  So I've never tried to explain it again, just let Devin know, I need to get out of town, and see something pretty.  This has been the cause of hundreds of drives in the country side the past 7 years of our marriage.  Hunting for a beautiful view, a sweet quiet spot.  
Then I always want to take a picture of it.  It's like pouring a pitcher of happiness into my chest and suddenly everything in life is a little extra wonderful.  I seriously go from "I am a huge failer in life!" Too... "I am the most blessed girl in history!"  Even boogers  suddenly seem cute to me.
(North Shore Hawaii had me SOARING with happiness, and I've been scheming ways to move there ever since.) Anyway,
We've driven A LOT since moving to the area.  And to say the least Boise is lacking.
This weekend was extra bad, and I needed something beautiful to look at in the worst way.
But we did find a good sledding Hill.
And my little family is a pretty beautiful sight to look at.
They are truly my sunshine when skies are gray.

Most especially this one recently.
 It was decided that these sunshine's of mine were more than enough for me to be thankful for. 
  (Sometimes I feel the need for a good swift kick in the pants still, to keep my attitude in line.)

And then by surprise, a true gift.....

That sunset will get me through this entire week.
Which was so needed because this week had some big unexpected sadness in it.
But I know if we can just endure the dark days, even when the clouds may be extra gray in life, there are blessings around every corner.
Just like this Sunset.

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