Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting through winter

Scooters inside where it's warm.
Gage has lotion on his face. He applied that himself.
Friday nights of homemade pizza and Disney movie.
Gage insisted on having his very own blanket just like the big kids. 
 Ring around the rosies with friends.
 Spring come soon! We are runnin out of stuff to do and room to do it within these walls.

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Cindy Spratling said...

I know what you could do to pass the winter time away... come to AZ where it's 70 degrees every day right now!!! Seriously, do it!
Also, I love your Christmas post. I feel soooo blessed to be part of such an awesome family. And I feel soooo sad that we weren't there. WE WILL BE NEXT YEAR (which I guess is now this year). We've already started saving. Why oh why does it have to cost so much to fly? Maybe we'll have a sweet new vehicle by then and we'll make the drive???
Anyway- thank you for posting the run down of Christmas. I LOVE everything SPRATLING!