Monday, December 19, 2011

Hawaii Day 5

Polynesian Cultural Center 

I love Naomi desperately trying to give me a flower in this next picture.
BYU Hawaii.

This is Cousin Walter.
The best tour guide ever. 
Mountains where Jurassic park was filmed.
Not the best picture.

Boat ride through the different island villages

Noni Fruit.
My mom and Grandparents made us drink this stuff when we were sick and not sick, and when I had a wart on my foot and when baby's have ear aches etc etc.  Grossest stuff! 
I wrote a paper on Noni at BYU.  If you ever want to know stuff about it....
Naomi didn't have ponies to line up.. so rocks will do.
Oh I laughed forever at Pat in drumming show.  The Korean guy was also  hilarious!

Our favorite village was of Tahiti of course.  
This guy was from an island where some of my favorite stories happened, that my Grandparents told me.
Starts with an R. I can't spell it.
Grandma I met someone that knows you her name is Regina Mo'O.
She says your families are friends.
Figi I think.
She was actually pretty good at these.
Devin really wanted to do this.
Quick nap before dinner.
This was Naomi's dolly souvenir.
She picked it and named it Josie without hesitation.
Dinner arriving.
Our favorites were the raw fish.
And our Pineapple smoothie.

Naomi refused to eat the purple rolls all week. 
The night ended with a show called "HA breath of life."
It was beautiful.  My kids were absolutely riveted the whole time.
Eyes glued
I was surprised.  It was sorta long.
Cache has not stopped talking about the fire dancers.

Day 5 over.


Cindy Spratling said...

These posts are the best ever. I never really wanted to go to Hawaii... I don't know... it just always seemed over rated and I was always afraid I would be dissapointed. But not any more. Now I REALLY REALLY want to go. I'm so happy you guys got to go and that you had such a good, memorable time. Thanks for sharing all the pics and experiences. You are glowing in all the pictures Amie. Tropical-ness suits you well :)

natalie spratling said...

Thanks for sharing Amie...I feel like I am there. My parents served in the PCC for two years they just came back last year. They hated leaving paradise. I love all of the photos especially you holding Naomi, you are beautiful in that picture. Can't wait to see you on Christmas Eve.