Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hawaii- day 4

North shore!- 
We rented a van with Dylan and Sara and headed out of the city to the North Shore.
OH I loove the North Shore.
So beautiful. 
The best part of this day was definitely the GPS sounding out the Hawaiian highways.
I couldn't help it and laugh every single time it said it.
"Turn left on Ka may ha mi ha mi may ha mo ha highway."
Oh so funny.

 We stopped at this look out to do some...
 looking out
at this crazy beautiful valley.

This was also the most wind I have EVER ever experienced. And they said it is always like this... something about ancient Hawaiian warriors ghosts.... I forgot.

 I just love Nay's smile in these next pictures.

 Whoever these ancient dead ghosts were, they were having a hay day with my hair.

 To be really honest, Devin and I were kinda mad at each other, I wish I could remember why, something about him walking down a trail and one of not telling the other where Naomi is.  We were trying to tell explain ourselves to each other but the wind kept us from it and we ended up just dying laughing at our efforts. Devin was literally holding onto the rock wall to keep from blowing over.
I'm feeling quite vain with all these pictures of myself.  Oh well. It was such a funny memory!

 Next stop Buddhist temple.
 The Drive there!
 Banana tree and such.
  A Black swan.
 I thought it was super neat.

 I almost died of shock, worry and laughter when I was
leaving the temple and turned back to see my nephew Taivan down on his hands and knees bowing over and over to this statue.  No one but me saw him though. I just really didn't want to offend anyone. It is their sacred temple!
But man it was funny.

Cache was very happy about his choice of clothing when he saw that we were going to a "ninja house."
This is Cache's souvenir he bought from a guy on the street with about 3.5 teeth. 
He said he made it out of
cow bone and then blackened it with tea.  I was really impressed with his skills.

 Next stop Shark's cove snorkeling and Motsumoto's famous shaved ice.
No snorkeling for me because of my stinking cut foot. I just read and took pictures.
Still good.

 I can totally see why these are famous. They were so tasty. I ordered mine with ice cream on the bottom, but choose to skip the beans?
 Naomi wanted "pink rrraaainbow."  Cache just wanted Bronco colors.  Both very predictable.
 I ordered every tropical flavor I could: coconut cream, pineapple cream, pina colada and mango.
 Devin ordered some boring pre made one. Ha. Naomi's was best.  For next time we'll have to remember.

 Trip back home. 
 These trees.  
Stopped off for a cold cut coconut  drink and some fried bananas.
OH so so so good.
There is no way to ever capture the beauty of Hawaii on camera. But I would love to go back and try.
So many pictures in my head that I didn't take.

 We'll just forget the rest of the stuck in traffic stuff.  But remember... "Bob the builder is on track break! Sharks are on track break! The whole world is on track break!"  A joke that lasted all day with our 4 kids and Devin and Dylan.
Sarah and I were just thankful the men took care of the kids in the back!  We both get car sick and are bossy so we might as well take charge.  (Right Sara?,, ha.)
Made it back to shower and go walk and find some dinner.  I had to take pictures of Naomi's outfits, because I planned them all out you know.  She was like my little Hawaiian dress up doll.

Day 4 over.

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