Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy 7 year anniversary Devin!

 After seven years we practically wear the same pants.
There that fills your quota for inappropriate pictures for the year.

Devin is the easiest man to enter into marriage with and that's a fact.
We won't be going out tonight because Devin has a bunch of work to get done before Friday at 5pm.
But he got me my first house plant.  A peace lily.
I love it.
Yes we now have a love fern that will be symbolic of our I better not let it die!
Hopefully it will bless us with cleaner air this winter and another 7 years of peace in our marriage.
Devin has turned over a new leaf recently and started getting me gifts without first making sure it's exactly what I want.  I really like it.  Most of the time its NOT exactly what I would have picked.  And I end up liking it more. Well so far.  Maybe in a while I'll want him to turn that leaf back over. Anyway.
I was pleasantly surprised with my peace lily. Thank you.
We will celebrate this weekend with a date somehow.
We are saving most of our party funds for a belated anniversary trip of sorts to a tropical island this summer!

Word to the wise, marry a man like Devin:  Fun, peacemaker, hard worker, faithful, loyal, smart, loves to learn, non critical, soft hearted, level headed, very generous, full of dreams, handsome.  You will be happy.
Also don't get married in December. It stinks and it's hard to budget for your anniversary.
But I do love sharing a anniversary with Sarah and Nick and Devin's parents.
Must be a good date because they all have good marriages!
Here's to the rest of our married life.  Let the good times rooooll.


Ben and Beccalee said...

I have two qualms with this post: 1) I consider myself a rather easy man to have entered into marriage with. Becca may disagree, but her silence on the matter must indicate some form of approval. 2) December weddings are all the rage. Ours is Dec. 22, and we love it with all our heart(s). :)

natalie spratling said...

Happy 7th my the pants picture..i think. Yoy make me laugh. It was so good to see you @ Christmas. Sure love you guys.

Cindy Spratling said...

I just wanna know how you got into the pants. And happy anniversary

Amie Orton said...

Cindy well that right there is the secret to a good marriage. You'll have to try it and found out. I'll tell you it was very graceful.

Ben and Becca-you're so funny! I guess i'll take it as another great couple married in December. Great Omen.

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

ha ha! Those pants are crazy! Hope you got to go on that date!