Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Day has finally arrived...

It is my husband's birthday.
The funniest and punniest man in the world's(at least my world) birthday.

We are celebrating with Birthday Breakfast Burritos instead of pancakes.
A peanut butter chocolate cheesecake with peanut butter frosting and peanut butter chocolate glaze,
decorated with Reese's peanut butter cups.
A new twist to his traditional birthday cheesecake.
Recipe click here.

My gift to Devin is moving the baby out of our room.
Also a new shirt to wear to work today. 
Birthday collage!

Dear Birthday Boy Devin,

2011.  Another year of life under your belt.  I dare say this my have been the most stress full year in your 29 of existing.   Watching you go through this has been hard but good, and yet I believe much harder years will come in our future.  They say put a man under stress and see what he is really made of.  This year I've seen a bit more of who you are.  A sober mind and slow to anger.  In direct contrast the fire that lit under my seat at any injustice to come our way, you are the buffer, slow to judge anyone, or any situation with haste.  You react exactly opposite how I would or how I would expect anyone to in many situations. It always floors me.  You treat people with love and hope and encouragement, when people disappoint or do you an injustice I see sadness in you when I would expect anger and cynical judgment. We've had some hard big decisions and even more tiny little decisions to make this year. We didn't always make the best choices.  I want to cringe and die, you say: "Welp, let's move on."  And this quality is just another chord around my heart,  tying me to you.
Life is... life.  And I'd say we are a normal couple with normal issues,  but every time I see a picture of you, I want to reach in and grab you and yell I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!  I love you so much Devin!

Sorry to be so mushy, sentimental and wordy.
I'm working on not being so much of those things.
If I wasn't all those things this would be the more comfortable and yet still honest letter from me to you.

Dear Devin,
You make me happy.
So very happy.
All the time.
And I like the way you dance.

From, Amie.

Sean Connery pose ready go:

Happy Birthday babe.
You're da best!

Update. The rest of the day.
Birthday Dinner.  Spaghetti and Salad.
And by spaghetti I mean noodles and sauce. 
We are fancy around here like that.
This cake is the richest thing ever ever ever.
Cache says: "It's so rich! It's like 500 dollars!"


Cindy Spratling said...

Perfect words. Happy Birthday Devin!

Tait said...

Seriously the cake of the year along with the wife of the year. I love reading your post even if I don't comment on them all. You make wonderful memories for your family.

natalie spratling said...

Amie I am so glad you are a women of words, i love your posts...i wish i could express myself the way you do...The cheesecake turned out fabulous i love yours it's prettier with the reeces peanut-butter cup halfed around the bottom and on the top. i copied the recipe i will be making it soon. yum-o

natalie spratling said...

i can't even spell... reese