Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hawaii Day 3

Sea life Park and evening at the beach.
Monday we all went to sea life park.
We saw giant sea turtles.
Sea lion show.
Cache requested this picture of us by the Tiki. 
He loved Tiki's the whole week.
We also saw amazing scenery here.

I guess this is where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.
 I'll have to watch and see!

Bus trip there. Guess who claimed Grandpa again?
These two cute girls.
Watching giant manta ray "ballet."
All these cute nieces of mine.
A couple not pictured. They all bought little matching Hawaiian dresses. I didn't get picture of them all wearing them. Dar nit.
Devin picked me another flower.
Here I am looking off into the distance looking serious, as directed.
See how my eyebrows are going blonde? Wierd huh.

Me and the tree.  Also trying to capture that rock.

Sea Lion Show!
Julie said one of the highlights was just seeing the expressions and reactions of her children's faces at different things we did.
I could NOT agree MORE.
Lunch Time.
Notice the sparkle in Cache's eye? 
Little did I know it was from Uncle Pat teaching him and encouraging him to the loudest burps possible.  
Our dinner table still hasn't recovered from this lunch.
Uncle Pat is a superb teacher.
Baby Corinne wore a palm tree pony all week.
Very appropriate.
Look how happy.  All the pictures of Janie in Hawaii she is just beaming with joy. Makes me so happy to look at them. Something you just can't fake.

Klora and Julie swam with the dolphins.
so so fun!
They are such amazing animals! 
My favorite.
The whole family.

Devin and I got run off this beach at lunchtime.
The lifeguard took one look at us and said this is only for strong swimmers. HA!  Actually no children aloud it's just too dangerous.
Adults can't even swim unless they have flippers.
These boogie boarders were AAAAWESOME.
By the time we got home Devin was going CRAZY for the beach.
So we headed.
And finally my boy was happy.
All the cousins came too!
Sweet days just playin in the waves were the neatest
funnest times of the trip.
Just all together. Having fun. Laughing. In paradise.
Could not be closer to heaven.
Little miss palm tree.
Cache got cold with the setting sun and wanted a sand blanket.
I gashed my foot open on the coral reef. OH mylanta did it hurt bad. (Luckily we have a foot surgeon in the family) And had to wear Devin running shoes for much of the rest of the trip.  There goes cute outfits in Hawaii!

Did I mention Heaven?
Even in heaven, Naomi will find her pout.

Day 3 over.
The sun set around 5 each night. So we would spend the evenings strolling the shops and restaurants on Waikiki beach.
With 30 somethin of us, we always bumped into eachother to check
out what we were eating or buying. 
It was fun.

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