Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hawaii-Day Two

Boogie boarding and church on this day.
Cache man. Rockin the Hawaiian shirt.
Actually this shirt is my Bro Ben's shirt from Tahiti.
Close enough.

Hawaii is everything you would think it would be.
We ate coconut and mango yogurt, pineapple, papaya, banana bread and mi so soup for breakfast each morning.  OH and Lunch many a day too.  Did I mention I gained 14.9 pounds in one week?
14.9 pounds of heaven!
Yeah. It was all banana bread. 
 And sushi.
And ice cream.
And coconut banana butter.
And sweet pork.
with rice.
And maybe  one or two or SEVEN from chocolate& toffee covered macadamia nuts.
Did you know that in Hawaii they eat a lot the same things we do, just add grilled pineapple, and avocado?  
I ordered that extra on all my dishes BEFORE I went to Hawaii.  
So yes it was worth every single pound. :)
During breakfast, which was outside of course,  we were serenaded by song and dance.
I tried to take a picture one time.  The dancer was SO pretty and such a beautiful dancer. 
But I guess my pineapple was too tasty to try for a better one.
I love it when you go somewhere and the natural wildlife is
completely different from anything you've seen or are use too.
Then you KNOW you are in a new place.
This guy tried to steal our food each morning.
The first morning Cache saw this guy on our balcony and said: "A cardinal! Are we in Missouri?"
I guess flying in at night, confused him.
No not a Cardinal and not Missouri Cache. Not even close.
 Walking to catch the bus to church.
Molly and Nay pulling Grandpa along.(Yeah right! He is just as much kid as them.)

Naomi attached herself to Grandpa and stayed there all week.
 Devin picked me a flower off the ground for my hair.  Okay he picked it out of a tree.  Did I ever tell you about in college when Devin often would pick me tulips?  
Out of a pot? 
That were planted?!!! 
He still doesn't get why this was not okay.  But I have a man that likes to pick me flowers.  
Lucky me. 
Whether it's legal or not.
He even mailed me dried flowers with his letters from Brazil when he was on his mission. 
Then he wanted to take my picture.

 Everytime Devin wants to take a picture of Just me,
It makes me feel like this.
Ner Der.

Walking around Honolulu with 20 plus people 
trying to find the right bust stop.
Is fun.
Uncle Pat is fun too.
On the bus this little old lady leaned over to me and in her shaky voice:
"All these children are dressed so nicely, it's just wonderful."
And all the little cousins were so cute in their Hawaiian dresses and flowers in their hair.
I think in all their were 20 grand kids on this trip. :)
 We made it.
Church there is just like here and anywhere I've been to church except:
Anytime someone gets up.... "Aloha brother's and sisters!"
And then everyone cheerfully answers back  "AAALOOHA!"
Also no hallways. It's mostly outside. with a garden in the middle.
And in Relief society they  gave us knitted leigh's out of yarn to welcome us.
And kiss our cheeks just like my Grandma does everytime she sees us.
I've always loved this custom.
It's so loving.
And men wear skirts I mean lava lava's.
I almost bought my brother Joey one.
 And they have this incredible tree.

 We started to worry that we might be defiling their sacred tree.
But then we remembered they are the same religion as us.
We don't worship trees.
But we stopped anyway.

Then we had a lovely Hawaiian dinner with the whole family.
And waited for Angie and Julie and company to fly in making the family whole. 
Minus the 3 baby boys that got left home.
Day 2 over.


Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Yay Hawaii pictures!!!!!!!!! It looks amazing! That flower is just perfect, the one in your hair. Your outfits are so cute. Someday we need to live in the same time so we can share clothes all the time. Cache and Nai look so cute in their Hawaiian get upI I can't wait to see more pictures!

One mom said...

Amie, you have such a gift for capturing moments with your camera, and then describing them as if they were happening right as I was reading them. I get chocked up every time I read your blog. There. Now you know I am a big baby. And, you know I am your fan. Thanks for sharing these sweet pictures and your talent.

Lorrie and Kent said...

I just love your blog. You are missed in Missouri. I also love people who go to church on vacation. My favorite church meeting every has to be the one I had in Chili. I couldn't speak or understand the language but the spirit could.

Phoenix said...

Loving your adventure... did you know I LOVE you and your blog. On occasion I just sit at the computer and giggle out loud... Will always knows I am either reading your blog or typing an email that amuses me...and he says, "what did Amie do?" Thanks for all the entertainment and the warm good feelings I get as I share in you! You are great.. also we are coming up after Christmas, you going to be home, cause I would love to see ya! Krista

natalie spratling said...

love hearing about your Hawaiian adventure. My parents served there on their mission a few years ago and bruce served there as well so fun to see all of the pictures. how lucky you are to visit with Devins sweet family...wish you would have tucked us into your suitcase.:)