Wednesday, September 28, 2011

29 and feelin fine.

Welp Ben pointed out that today is the first day of my last year of being in my 20's.
Devin made me a butterfinger icecream cake and surprised me that morning with my first wool coat.
He is sneaky and got it for me on the way home from work.
He got a coat for me last christmas but it was way too big and since then we've been looking for the perfect coat.
This one caught my eye but they again didn't have my size...
He found  my size in another store, had them hold it for my birthday.
I felt loved.
My mom got me a SHARK floor steamer.
Watch out Germs.  
Who knew steam cleaned tile would make a gal so happy?
I guess my mom did.

I may have expressed doubt that Devin made the cake right, because his  methods were... unique.
But then we cut into and Devin was hootin and hollering.. "Don't count me out Girl! Don't count me out!"  Haha.  It looked and tasted delish.

Red lobster gift card from one of his patients ;) 
We planned to go out, but our weekly duties wore us out,(And it took us 2 hours to clean the house) So we changed plans,put the kids to bed REALLY early and ordered in.
Coconut shrimp and mango sauce... oh yes.
Cache acted totally betrayed when he found the red lobster wet nap on the counter 
the next morning.  It's his favorite restaurant if you didn't know.
We may have had to holler: "get back in bed!" half of dinner, but eating in sweat pants was was worth it.
I pretended like it was my birthday all week laxing on some of my duties, and may have not watched these guys close enough...
Here they are CAUGHT in undies again, making peanut butter and sprinkle sandwiches...
I thought it was very original.
Why are Kids so crrrazy about sprinkles?


Suze said...

because sprinkles are awesome.

Hope your birthday was amazing!!!

Ben said...

You look sooooo good in that coat. And the cake made me slobber :) Happy Birthday! And I thought about you ALL day on your bday but never called you. Did you feel my thoughts all the way from here? I hope so. There is something floating in the mail between me and you. Hope it gets there soon :)

Kara Lyn said...

This is so funny. We almost went to Red Lobster for my birthday. We are totally friends. You look beautiful in your cute, white coat.

DancELation said...

Happy happy belated birthday most beautiful,loving, life inspiring cousin!