Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ward campout and dog days of Summer.

We spent Naomi's real birthday at a ward campout.
The food was great. Especially  those scones.
We've got some professional campers in our ward.
And our tummies benefited.
Didn't sleep too bad. And got to drive through a really pretty valley.
I long for wide open spaces. For reals.
Weekend drives will have to do for now.
It's in my bones.

 This girl just kills me.
 We are SOO excited for, football season, leaves, halloween, apple cider, crisp autumn walks, pumpkins
 candy corn, homemade SOUPS and rainy days. I mean SO excited... but
we are having mixed feelings when it comes to letting go of our warm evenings.
The kids even seem to know that their backyard undwear adventures are coming to a close and
spend a lot of time out there.  We drive everywhere with the windows down.  And Devin and I often put the kids to bed and then go lay in the back yard and make out , I mean talk. 

 I caught Cache out the back window flexing for Gage...
I'm so glad I have my girl, because my boys are... VERY boy.

Framing this one for their room.


Suze said...

your. kids. are. the. cutest.

Lindsay said...

That last one would be GREAT in a boys room! It's adorable. I really like the underwear showing, too. Haha