Monday, September 19, 2011

Round-Up in Boise

If you live in Pendleton Oregon come mid September, school lets out for a week of Round-up. I looove it and one of these years we'll feel rested enough to begin taking our kids every year.  My parents however, look at is as a golden opportunity to get the hay outta dere.  Lucky for us they think we're funner than cowboys, bulls and fry bread!

Sarah came a few days early to make Naomi and Gage's Birthday cakes.
She is so talented and organized and patient.
And Pretty.
Here I am pretending to help.
I'll post the finish product later.(Awesome!!!!)
Sarah, Naomi and I took a girls only trip to the mall.
Naomi as usual went for the $200 plus highest, sparkliest, heals possible.  Sarah is modeling one of Nay's picks.  I didn't know Beiber made GIRL perfume. I took this picture for Devin.
He has Beiber fever. Dont ya Dev.
We had a PERFECT summer evening.
Sunday evening we went up to a state park near a reservoir and made pancakes.
It was completely empty but us. (Just how i like it.)
A storm blew in. ( Love that too.)
Warm breeze and a rainbow blessed the evening.

Gage and Uncle Joey.

I took this picture for Nick who is struggling through 
officer training camp, and undoubtedly loves his Li'l wifey and baby boy 
more than anything right now!
Danny was saying : "Rainbow!'

We all wanted a rainbow picture.
Do all kids go through this funny only for camera smile stage?
Here we were dying because Nay kept doing this pose and saying:
"Take a pitcher of dis Mom!"

It was a sweet evening.

Sam and his blankie 
We attempted a family picture 
I'm in love with that baby belly(Gage's not mine.)
That's a keeper.
We missed Ben and Cindy lou hoo on this evening especially. :)
So ya it was a good old time. 
Dr. Devin worked on just about everyone. Fixed my dad's shoulder and helped Danny's food allergies.
Yay for no more ear infections!
It's so neat for me to see the results of his work. 
Some may consider me a critic... But Devin truly has talent for what he does.
We also got to go to Roaring springs water park which was so fun.
I- hop before school on on Wednesday.
The birthday party of course.
And lots of good visiting and Mom's Taco salad.
My dad of course went to Cabelas and left me with some early birthday presents.
I was surprised how excited I was to get a cooler and camping gear!
I love it!  
Now we can come back to this park and make pancakes on our own camp stove this fall.
Anyone want to join us?
Thanks for visiting mom and dad and boyzzz.


Kara Lyn said...

Wow Amie, you look like you guys have fun. I wish we lived closer. And I wish you would've been in Pendleton for Round Up because then we would've been able to meet up and hang out. I took my little family to experience Let 'er Buck. It was fun.

natalie spratling said...

Oh, I'm jealous. I wish we had round-up here in Montana and then we would come for a visit. Love the photos Amie. What a fabulous cake, Sarah you are so talented:) Sure love you guys.

Unknown said...

Pendleton Round-up. I don't think I ever really got to enjoy it because most of the time I lived there I was working for Micheal Booth (the guy that made the famous buck statue), selling t-shirts and paintings and stuff during Round-Up. Oh, but I remember the fry bread! Houston has a huge rodeo in the spring but we have yet to go. No, school holiday but they do get a spirit week of boots and cowboy hats! :)