Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A glimpse into her world

Waking Naomi up to take Cache to school looked like this:
Can you even guess what Nay wants for her birthday?
"Purpo Ponies."

The last sound I hear coming from her room at night is neighing.
We can't go anywhere without loads of ponies. Ponies in pink purses.  
She runs back inside 6 or 7 times to get the extra ponies that don't fit in the purses.
Then once she's in, she unloads all her ponies and places them all around her.
Then ALWAYS she drops one.  
Once we arrive at our destination, the loading up of ALL the ponies begins.
Then I say NO toys in the store.  
Then she always says "dust CHoo(just 2) otay mom?
Okay just two.
She can't count, and grabs 4.
They ALL bathe with her.

Today she informed me she loves puppies, printheses and ponies.
And oh does she loooove the real live puppies.  She will chase them around parks, yelling and laughing "He likes me!" He likes me!"  But the dog is running away. If she ever catches a dog she will "ooh and aah and sigh and kiss it. 
She's a fun gal this Naomi of ours.
Fun gal.


shelly said...

Lol, that's so funny and adorable! I love the chasing and comment =) I can relate a little, Avery grabs dogs' faces and kisses them on the mouth. Not being a dog person myself, I don't get it, but it's sure cute!

Dave & Colette said...

Oh Sweet Naomi!!!!!!

One mom said...

What a fun picture to remember this stage that she is in. When I subbed in nursery, she just played with the animals the whole time. I was impressed by her imagination.