Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I can NOT wait for Devin to come home and see this:

I'm sure his face will be priceless, shocked, stunned, happy, he might even shed a tear and then and only then will I know it will be the perfect moment to give him a hug and say:


come ON did you really think I would post something like this BEFORE telling Devin? Did you really think I am ready for something like this when I am still getting 4 hours a sleep a night? Muahhaha.. I'm so excited. .sorry neices or nephews and Sam close your ears. I borrowed the marker from my neighbor, after ruling out the option of having my other pregnant neighbor actually pee on it for me..

Any good stories from you guys?


Cindy Spratling said...

I'm still recovering from my heart attack. You got me good girl. deep breaths... deep breaths.

Kev and Chels said...

that's awesome! you got me too and I WAS thinking, she's putting this on here before telling Devin? :) BTW, we're headed to CT next year. happy and sad as we'll miss good friends like you guys. i WISH we had gotten together sooner! i'd love to hang out again if your schedule allows for it. and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. i totally feel the same way about you-you're such a great example of "making valiance cool!" it would probably be easier if we just emailed:) my address is hagd

Mindy said...

HAHA! Know what you mean. One of my conditions before I get pregnant again is "I have to be getting good nights of sleep again for A WHILE before I go back."