Saturday, April 25, 2009

An Easter Adventure

So this Easter was a bit different for us,
none the less,
MEMORABLE. fo sho.


Cache and Naomi had been fighting off a fever for a full week, but no other symptom. Not so much as a runny nose. The doctors strep tests came back negative, and they waved it off as a virus. Their fever both came down to 99degrees, for a couple days, so we thought they were just about better.

We went to bed, anxiously awaiting the arrival of that famous bunny.
The Easter Bunny arrived around midnight, I think, and had a grand time hiding things all over our house, balancing eggs on funnels and in weird places. Half open drawers, ect.

And then he hopped on his merry way to bed.

wow. I make every story twice as along don't i? sorry

But now to the point. Cache came into our room crying pretty hysterically, around 2am. I sat up and put him on my lap to calm him down, and I noticed he was wheezing really bad, which scared me, but then i put my arms around him and I could feel his heart beating through his chest harder and faster than I knew any heart could ever beat. And I flipped. really. I yelled: "Devin we are going to the emergency room NOW." I considered not even putting clothes on for a second, or shoes....I was going to walk straight to the car with Cache in my arms. But Devin popped out of bed and
caalmly W ..A.. L.. K .. E.. D aroouuuund the bed.
Which totally made me mad, that he didn't get the urgency of the situation.
Long story short, Devin stayed calm, demanded I put clothes on, reminded me that I needed keys to drive the car, and that we had another child that needed to come.. grabbed some spider man books and stickers from Cache's Easter basket, And got us safely to the emergency room.
love that man.

The Emergency room, was pretty horrible, Cache decided that he wanted nothing to do with the doctors and clenched his jaw shut. But since his breathing was very labored they needed to know what was going on inside that throat, so they brought in a male nurse to help Devin,me and the doctor hold Cache down while they got a look at his throat and possibly a swab of his tonsils.

Cache ,understandably, went BALLISTIC, and as much as this broke my heart I was a bit proud of him, he was throwing punches, (he has an incredible right hook) clocked the male nurse right in cheek. I knew this child had will power,but I have never saw it tested to its limits, and I had to admit
"I was astonished."
I even started to feel a bit proud of how strong his little spirit was. The doctor and nurse were completly flustered and quickly backed off, giving up, and looking bewildered. Devin and I both looked at each other scared but trying not to smile. We were impressed! But the whole wrestling/boxing match made his breathing even worse, his throat getting tighter, so they quickly gave him some steroids to open up his throat and wheeled him off to x-ray his throat instead.
The doc came back and told us that they wanted to admit him for at least 24 hours to watch him. This really stunk because it was Easter Sunday and worst of all, Cache KNEW it was Easter, and that there was an egg hunt waiting for him at home, and once again, he started to get really really worked up.
So the Doc, made a compromise with Cache and said:
"Well if we can just watch you for a few hours and you do really well, then we will reconsider."

Cache's breathing greatly improved because of the steroids. And we all could breath easier, now that Cache could.
** devin took these pics above. he told cache "give me some attitude."
and Cache obviously had no problem :)

So while Devin and cache lay in the hospital watching cartoons at the wee hours of the night, I took Naomi to the car to sleep and to pick up some bolt house smoothies at the grocery store(they are amazing on soar throats).. Well.. every 24 hour store in the county recognizes Easter Sunday hear in Missouri, even some walmarts had their doors locked. So I spent Easter morning driving from store to store till I found one open. Then Devin called with News that Cache could come home. They were letting him come home, but really didn't have a diagnosis for him, so they sent him home with 4 different diagnosis's. : croup, asthma,tonsillitis, can't remember the last one.


As I was driving back to the hospital,
the sun started to rise.
It was beautiful and peaceful.
And i was so glad that scary night was over and Cache was going to be just fine.
And then the thought came to me:

"It's Easter Sunday! Today Christ rose from the grave."
I have to say it was the neatest Easter morning ever. I realized there had never been an Easter in my life where the first thought when I opened my eyes wasn't :

" CANDY! candy! Chocolate and candy!"


i never realized how symbolic the sun rising was of the
the Son of God rising on Easter morning.
It really was a neat experience for me, and I think maybe this should be a tradition. Watching the sun rise on Easter morning. Won't our teenagers love this someday? :)


And I just have to add this in, because it added so much, but RIGHT as the sun was coming up , my book on CD that I had been listening to for 3 weeks, ended, and so the CD switched over to the next one which was this piano music played by my sister in-law Sara Orton. It is one of my favorite cds and sounds completly professional. I can't remember the hymn she was playing but I remember it being about the savior, I think that is what triggered the thought that it was Easter morning. It was perfect and in que. Its hard for me to believe that it was all a coincidence because it was so perfect. Maybe it was. Or maybe it wasn't and someone was just trying to help me remember how much he loves us.

Anyway back to Cache,
we brought him home and since he was all drugged up
on steroids he was WIRED, running
around and around and around..and around and around and around..
which didn't help his breathing...
We were able to even laugh though about the night before when we walked in the house and saw all the cracked eggs that Devin had broken, as he hurried around the house, opening doors, drawers or whatever. I guess the Easter bunny didn't realize we would be running around in the dark just a few hours after he hid them all.
We then slept most of the rest of the day away.
So that was our Easter Adventure.


Why the tears?
CACHE can tell you why!


**we took all these pictures two weeks AFTER Easter, when we finally were able to go out and about.**


Cindy Spratling said...

Oh, I had no idea that your Easter was so eventful. Poor Cache. He and Claire must be related... hu. Well, glad you got some awesome pics even if it was 2 weeks later. Naomi cracks me up. I need to squeeze her cheeks! miss you guys. Have fun while Devin's on break.

Gasaway Family said...

I love all your pictures! Especially Cache with "attitude," they cracked me up. I'm glad your kids are ok now, that is the scariest thing as a parent to see your kids struggling and there is nothing you can do about it.

Kara and Chant said...

Cute pictures! Naomi is a doll and Cache is so photogenic. I am glad he is doing better. Scary! Love those experiences that touch your heart and remind us of what life is all about.

natalie spratling said...

Oh what an adventure! Did you ever find out what it was. Our girls were so blessed with such a small airway and we too were at the Dr.'s many late nights and early (too early) mornings. Glad to see Cache is feeling better. The "Easter" picture are beautiful. Gotta love those cheeks. Naomi is such a cutie. So sweet.

Mardee Rae said...

Oh, what an Easter. There is nothing like a little scare with a child's health to make you grateful for all the truth you have. And for all the sacrifices that have already been made. Well, I just got caught up on your blog and I just loved it. Love ALL the gorgeous pics of your kids (you HAVE to teach me how you do this) and I really enjoyed the blog about your dad. He reminds me alot of my dad. And your April Fools?!? Hilar, especially Devin's response. And we were really bummed that we didn't get to see you (we were actually in the emergency room, too) although I guess we may as well have gotten you sick, it sounds like it was very similar to what Campbell had anyway. We want to come visit you soon!

Julie M. said...

Yikes! Okay so I found you from Carolina's blog. I'm in St. Louis too. I was just wondering what part you're in, we're looking to move! Drop me a line:! :) Thanks!

Mindy said...

I'm glad everything was fine. You're right, that story will be a very good one for your kids. It may even be one that they want you to tell them over and over before they go to bed. :)
Hey! We drove through St. Louis the other day! Thought of you!

Zana said...

You're too good at journaling, love your details. Did you find the time to make that bread? We need to hear your results:)
(your comment was too funny)

Kasia, Jared, Wrigley, Kobi said...

Oh man...we've been there before. It is pretty scary. Wrigley had Croup's so we got to spend all night in the hospital as well. As you can imagine, little 8 month old's don't like to have hoses down their throats for 4 hours. Poor little guy. Sounds like he took the hit for you on this one though Amie so you could have your great experience!

Cher said...

You have thee cutest kids!!! Those pictures are adorable. Love you.

Mardee Rae said...

Hey, also, I have a friend-of-a-friend moving to St. Louis and I was wondering if you would mind if I passed on your info so that she has somebody to get info on where to live, etc.? I don't even have an email address for you right now, either, so if you still have mine, email me and if not maybe you or devin could text it to me, as long as you don't mind.

shelly said...

Hi Amy! Now I can check your blog through Alison's. Anyway, those pics are amazing! Do you take them yourselves? And I'm happy that your family is back to healthy!