Sunday, May 3, 2009


May 3rd has always been a special date. 17 years ago, my little brother Robert was born and also passed away the same day. Despite their great heart ache, my parents handled it beautifully with all of us older children, and we celebrate this day. My parents each bore a seperate testimony of some incredible experiences leading up to that day that let them know Robert had only needed to get a body, and that he did not need this earthly experience to prove himself. We felt it very much a privilige that Heavenly Father would send such a special spirit to be part of our very own family.
Every 3rd of May, as a family we would go clean off Roberts head stone, pull weeds, and take a family picture in the cemetary. Probably irrevrent, but we even have pictures of us making a family pyramid, right in the middle of the cemetary. Afterwards we always go out to Denny's. For this reason, cemetarys have become a sacred place and not scary earrie. They are a place to go visit those you love and not just remember them, but look forward to that great day when we get to see them again! My siblings and I have been blessed to bond as very close friends. We love one another so much, and I just am so excited to see how Robert will fit in. I did get to hold him and I can remember what it felt like to hold him in my arms. Robert has red hair, like my dad( no other child does) big bone structure and he looked amazingly like Ben does when he is sleeping. I can't wait to see him someday and hug him, get to know him and to just love him! It will be wonderful. Simply wonderful.
May 3rd has taken on also a new importance when I was married. It is also my mother in law, Janie's birthday! So we get to think about her all day also. I love my mother in law. I've come to appreciate her so much, for more than just raising an amazing boy to be my husband. She is simple, and dependable. Always on time and always on task, I strive for these qualites that don't come natural to me at all. She has this amazing capability, talent actually to show complete love to her grandkids but at the same time demand respect and obedience. I love the way the grandkids look at her. They absolutely love her. She is always up for being silly with them and can always get them to giggle, which is so cute. I should have started yesterday or last week to fit in all the reasons I'm thankful for this lady, but since I'm a procrastinator, I'll leave you with one for today. A word of wisdom from Janie:
***Every single morning when I unload the dishwasher, before loading it back up, I always fill up the soap dispenser and close it. Then the rest of the day, we always always know if the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty, just check the soap! If its full, then the dishes are dirty, and load them up, if it's empty the dishes are clean!
Maybe frivilous but I think if you Janie every morning, and it makes life just that much easier.
Happy Birthday Janie and Robert. I love May 3rd.
Since posts really are no fun without pictures, here is a picture of my beloved home in Oregon. I love this house, and all the memories there. It is a haven from the world.
This picture was taken from the exact spot,, within in a few feet at least where Devin and I had our first kiss. Prom night. :)


Rindee said...

What a beatiful post. What a neat tradition your family has that has turned a potentially sad experience into a bonding experience. I love family traditions.

I also have to thank you and Aunt Janie for the dishwasher tip. I've been trying to find a solution to this problem for the last few weeks, and I think that her advice is better than all the other ideas I've come up with. So simple (even obvious), but I would have never come up with it on my own.

natalie spratling said...

Oh Amie you made me cry. I also think of Robert every may. Bruce and I had only been married for just 6 short months and I remember when your Dad called us. It was such an awful time and yet the years have softened the memory and knowing what we know, that families can be together forever is so comforting. Happy birthday also to your great mother in law. she did raise an amazing son.

Alison said...

Hey, Amie. It was so nice to read the comment you made on our post. You made me cry reading your post about your brother. I actually remember his birth and passing. I think you have a wonderful tradition to celebrate his tiny short life. Your family is so strong!