Thursday, May 7, 2009


I love Spring.


Devin has been on break for and entire TWO weeks.


So we have been seeing the sights around town...


We took these pictures at the St. Louis
Botanical Gardens


It was our first time visiting


This place is indescribably beautiful


and HUGE.


It's our families new Favorite.


We really had a good time.

Only regrets about this day:
* we waited this long to visit it! We had no idea how awesome it was.
* Forgetting to charge the camera battery, so it died half way through the gardens. .
* Getting wrapped up in the scenery, and letting Cache run so far up ahead.. that by the time we saw his naked toosh, not even Devin's record 100 m dash speed was fast enough to keep Cache from peeing on the Tulips.
Also another great picture missed, because of dead battery.
just one more, because this picture makes
Devin and I so so Happy every time see it:


happy. spring.


KevandChels said...

that's hilarious! I can't believe cache peed on the tulips! we're moving pretty soon so it would be fun to get together if you've the time. maybe in two mondays? You guys gonna be around? let me know. 314-363-1467.

Dave & Colette said...

OH! We Can't stop laughing. Our eyes are watering. We love that boy. Naomi is so sweet that picture is pure joy!!!
We love you!!!

Cam and Mary said...

We went there and loved it too! So pretty! Your pics are beautiful as always, and the pee story is hilarious!

The Stronks Family said...

How fun. It looks like a very beautiful place to visit.

Mindy said...

So great! Cache just wanted to fertilize a bit. Those are beautiful gardens! We drove through St. Louis to get her so we may have to stop there on the way back through.

sillynicolegirl said...

So cute, so cute....Happy Mother's Day!!!