Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I can now check Chicago off of places to see in the United States, but now I have to add it to a new category: "Places to visit again when it's warmer." The excuse for the trip was that Devin had a Chiropractic seminar there, but, for over a year, we've been looking for a good excuse so we could go see our friends Jared and Kasia and cousin Mardee. It was a pretty big bummer that Mardee and her girls were out sick, actually a really big bummer, but we had a great time hanging out at with the Greens and meeting little Wrigley. She was a hoot! We went down to the Michigan lake shore, and I was just a big old pouter because I forgot my camera back at the house. So these were the only two good pictures from the whole trip. Oh well, now we have to go back for sure.
Kasia(kasha) and Wrigley. Beautiful mommy and baby girl.
This little Wrigley is so funny! From the time her eyes are open, she never stops moving. Really, never. She may be the first to give Cache a run for his money in the energy department. They also share a love for the Wiggles. Thank you Jared and Kasia for a great weekend!


thueson2 said...

I serverd my mission in Chicago. Love it. Next time you go, visit Ed Debevics on Lakeshore Drive and Giardano's wherever you can find one (Downtown is the best for nostalgia).

Oh yeah, and take me with you!

Zana said...

Yes, I totally agree...3 baskets on bikes to the store is way cuter! I signed up to host May's playgroup just for the possibility that you might show:)
By the way I (of course) love the new song on your playlist.

Cam and Mary said...

I love looking at your pictures Amie! We went to Chicago after Christmas and thought the same thing: need to go back when it's warmer!

Kasia, Jared, Wrigley, Kobi said...

Well you guys are ALWAYS welcome! Thanks for the Pics Amie. I felt so bad that you forgot your camera :(. But the weather should be a lot nicer next time. Hopefully we'll have the basement done! You guys are great! Thanks for the wonderful weekend.