Friday, March 13, 2009

Look who's sitting!

Look what she can do! Who knew?
I took Naomi into the child watch at the gym today and
handed over the partition(to keep the older kids out) to the
old granny working in the infant side of things. She
was holding another little boy, which was actually
my friends little guy, and I knew he was pretty
sick, so I said "oh you don't need to hold her,
she is just fine way over THERE in that
far corner(away from the feverish babe), and she
can just play with toys or swing or something. She said:
"Well alright." And just plopped little miss Naomi right on her
bottom sitting in front of a pile of toys, and then she did something that
shocked me.. she let go of her and walked away! I panicked a little:
"Oh! She doesn't do that yet, no no she can't sit!"
While I tried to get her attention I watched Naomi
just sit there and pick up a toy, trade it for another, flap her arms,
and finally found one she thought was tasty enough. I didn't know she could sit.
So true to form, I brought her home after the gym, and took a picture of her, because she is just so cute a
nd I just love her so much. This will also be her 6 month picture.
I'm short three days, but if I don't care, I'm sure you or anybody else will.


Cher said...

I am speechless, that is soooo adorable! She is already sitting? How fun!!

natalie spratling said...

who'd of thought? What a big girl! Oh she is so sweet. Love the 6 (-3 days) month old picture of course I am making a copy of it. Have a great weekend. Love you guys.

Cindy Spratling said...

Naomi is such a big girl now! I love this picture. She is so perfect right down to the sock-shoes :) I wish I could have been the old lady who got to babysit her!

Zana said...

Oh that was a fun batch of pictures...that was a perfect action shot of Devin on the swing set! Too funny.
6 months already...why are you allowing her to grow up?

Kasia, Jared, Wrigley, Kobi said...

Holy Smokes! What an incrdible beautiful girl she is becoming! Can't say i am suprised though...look at the parents :)!
We are going back to oregon this weekend hooray!!

Dave & Colette said...

She's adorable just like her mother. I can't wait to see her little personality in person. I would love to kiss her chubby little cheeks.

Dave & Colette said...

I love the picture of Naomi looking up at Devin. It reminds me of Ashley and Dad.

Srta. Cris said...

Devin Scott Orton


Hope you remember me, Christiana. The girl who made pancakes and you took all the ice cream. Laughter ...

I try to write in English, but I know I'm not good, therefore, falls within the errors ... So you know who I am and I do not delete.

I am the first person who taught you the gospel at the beginning of your mission here in Brazil ... And today I got appointment.

Just wanted you to know that I love finding and see what super nice and happy family you have ... I am not married, but I hope by my elected. God knows what it does.

Your child is your man! And the girl is as beautiful as the mother!

I finished the university in LONDRINA then made two post in other states and now I'm doing the Masters in BAHIA ... And I love what I do. But I know that is my greatest blessing and became the gospel.

ORTON just want to thank you. You were a blessing in my life. Asked by God and the message you brought to me. I do not know what to write or ...

Congratulations to you and your family! Beautiful family!

Revises loved it!