Friday, March 27, 2009


I am so proud of my sister Ashley. She is just one of those people that makes you smile just thinking about them . I always thought it was such a cute coincidence that her name "Ashee" rhymes with "Happy." (well okay mostly rhymes.) She is extraordinarily loving, completly cool, and has lungs that can shatter glass...well we've never ACTUALLY tried this, but we should. ( I actually thing my other sister Sarah has this voice in her too, but she is shy or reserved or something.) ANYWAY. Ashley performed in her first Opera and she is a crack up. Click here to watch a clip of her playing herself with a french accent... no actually playing a maid.. But i don't think she had to act much.. haha just kidding Ash. That is just what mom says. It's so crazy to watch her so grown up doing real grown up plays, when you have memories of her as a tiny tot, making up plays for family home evening! Really this is a funny opera. Go watch it.


Cindy Spratling said...

Oh my gosh!!!! The last post of Cache's pictures is awesome. I love the perma wedgie picture. Cache cracks me up! He really did do a great job with the pictures :) MIss you guys!

Cher said...

Hey Amie- The breathing machines...I have to do them four times a day (two times per prescription and she has two prescriptions). It is mostly for prevention, we HAVE to keep her breathing passages clear. She doesn't like it but Dallin and Jocey like watching because the little mask is a dragon and the mist comes out of two holes that look like nostrils.

Hetal Patel-White&Brandon White said...

Thank you so much for the advice. I haven't done it yet- but I hope I can figure it out. I love all your pictures. You should do it as a profession. You capture such great moments. What programs do you use? I use 3 I wish I could find one that has everything. ugggg. Thank you again for your help.