Thursday, March 26, 2009

taking more pictures

Cache has been really fun lately. Instead of running from the camera, he suddenly LOVES the camera, and will pose or do things that he thinks are cool, such as riding his bike with snowboarding goggles on(but dey are dust for swimming)and saying:
"Take my picture!" Photobucket
We also spent a whole morning with Cache behind the camera. He surprised me how well he did. But He also would take 50 shots of his foot and crack up so hard. "I took picture of my piggies!" Also another 100 or so of the kitchen floor and cupboards, cracking up after each and every picture. Talk about finding JOY in the small things. :) And big things like my backside.
We do need to be more childlike don't we?Photobucket
These next ones i selected out of the 217 shots Cache took of me (literally). I think they are awesome for a 3 year old. Just shows that anyone can be a photographer if you take a million shots of one thing,, bound to get a good one. That is my philosophy.





And just one more of the little guy we love so much. My favorite is his underwear. The big picture MUST go on front so you can look at it. Even if it mean perma wedgie all day everyday.



Aimee said...

Oh amie-
You are so hilarious. Those pics are great. We really liked the "bigg bum" shot!! You guys are great.

Diana said...

Amie, promise me that last picture will be in Cache's wedding video someday - hilarious! Loved it :)

Dave & Colette said...

Good job Cache! and good job Amie! You are such a wonderful mommy!
I love you!

Kara and Chant said...

Cute, cute pictures! You are so adorable!

Hetal Patel-White&Brandon White said...

How are you my friend? I love looking at your blog. You look so great! Your kids are so beautiful. How is your hubby doing in school. We miss you guys. I miss MO. Can I ask you to teach me something? How do you get your pictures to post so big? If I that only part of the picture shows up. When ever you have time. TTYL

natalie spratling said...

Amie you crack me up. I love the photos Cache is just like his Mommy a great photographer. I especially love the goggles it made me smile and think of Parker at that age. I think that last photo needs to be displayed somewhere on his 16th birthday. We have a few gems like that for Parker's 16th. Amie I will have more info on the family reunion soon. So glad you guys are coming can't wait!