Monday, March 23, 2009

Being among the chiropractic community, our knowledge and drive to eat healthier has been boosted 100%. We are constantly surrounded by people, books, seminars, ect. that influence us to eat healthier. We love it! My favorite part is just being exposed to things I just never new existed, like coconut oil.

We have started using it in place of butter when having toast or rolls ect. It's not identical to butter, but it's good. I like to put it on toast and then add a tiny bit of garlic for garlic toast. Cache likes it too. Our biggest diet change is that we just stear CLEAR of processed foods as much as possible. It's been a gradual process and we are still moving on it, one new decision or habit at a time. Whole grains, unprocessed meats, frozen vegetables vs. canned, (they taste way better too.) We try to eat fish once a week for those good old omega 3's and we have found some interesting ways to cook it. Our favorite is with some kind of sweet salad dressing and potato cakes..found in the freezer section. We try to eat salads for lunch instead of sandwhiches. I usually go right in the middle and settle for a pita stuffed with: avocado, garbanzos, feta cheese, spinach and sprouts. We choose good full fats over reduced fat, that usually has more sugar. We have at least 3 different kinds of nuts on hand always. Our favorites are pine nuts and almonds. I'm working on liking walnuts and pecans.. not there yet, but trying. Every meal we use to make seemed to have include : cream of mushroom soup and sour cream, but NO MORE! Now our staples include brown rice and mushrooms and olive oil... seem to fit with every meal. We use to do enchiladas but now we CRAVE fajitas and usually leave out the sour cream. (But not always). Buying whole foods is a bit more expensive many times, but they taste better and we usually eat them slower and are more filling.. so we don't buy as much of things. I'm totally not one to be into Organic stuff, in fact the word is so overused and trendy that it ANNOYS me. But a lot of time we end up buying organic products not because they are organic but because they are the only bread or salad dressing ect. without all the added fake ingredients. We are defiantly not the ideal of tip top shape, but we feel so much better compared to a couple years ago, and feel our bodies are now thriving instead of just dragging along through life. And now if we can just eat LESS food. We might actually appear to look better.(Actually Devin looks great, I'm just talking about my own waistline I guess.) Keep in mind that I am a pretty picky eater,, but now I'm eating sprouts and feta. Anyway, we love new ideas, substitutes and recipes so if you have any, please share! No really do you have any?
** oh i just need to add a disclaimer: we still LOVE the comfort foods so you won't be afraid to invite us over to eat...and don't judge us when you see us driving through the Wendy's drive through late at night..
gotta love those Junior bacon cheesers!(yes so much they have a nickname)


natalie spratling said...

Amie, you inspire me:) I know I have told you this before but I want to be just like you when I grow up. If I find any good recipes I'll send them your way.

Cindy Spratling said...

Me too Amie, I want to be just like you! But really, I keep having thoughts that Ben and I need to eat healthier, and not just "eat less ice-cream" or "eat more vegetables". But more the things you are talking about. There are some women in my ward who have been studying and applying the things they learn about eating healthy. We have monthly meetings and they are always giving out recipes. I'll get some together and send them to you. Anyway- thanks for this post. It reignites my fire to try better.

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Have you ever checked out my sister's blog? It's My Muffin Thursdays, and she's incredible. She cooks very healthily (is that a word?) too.. You'll love her.

Jenni said...

That is so exciting that you are trying to eat foods that are more healthy! We have been trying to eat more whole grain foods and vegtables too. Like you said it takes time...but I think it really does make you feel healthier and have more energy. I have a few really good recipes I'll try and send your way. One thing that I have done latley that really helps my boys eat more vegtables is to squeeze lime juice over salad. Then, they can add whatever dressing they want on top of that. I guess David doesn't really add dressing but he really likes the lime juice! Good luck!