Thursday, March 19, 2009

A few pictures. This is Cache's tent turned onto its side to magically become a spaceship. I was trying to get everyone to look at the camera by saying: " Do you see Dora in my camera?" Notice who is intently looking for Dora... Yes that's my oldest and most attractive child Devin.


I love this next picture for two reasons, the first being Naomi. She can't keep her eyes off of Cache. And the second reason I love this picture is Cache's face. Compare it to the picture of Devin on my side bar labeled: "my loves." It made me gasp.


natalie spratling said...

I want to come and stay in the tent. Is there room for us? Gotta love Cache he is a little Devin. I love how Naomi is mezmorized by her big brother. So sweet. Have a fabulous day. Love you guys.

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Ahhh! Love that face.. and he really is the spitting image :) As for the Orton Family reunion, I don't know yet if we're going to be able to make it! Mardee and Spencer will be off interning (I haven't yet heard where). Sigh. ONE of these days we'll all get together with our spouses and kids. And that will be a FABULOUS day :)