Sunday, November 2, 2008

Savannah Colette Spratling

We would love to announce for Ben and Cindy and also congratulate them on their new baby girl. Savannah was born yesterday afternoon and was a whopper! I have been trying to hold back the tears today and just move on with the fact that I don't get to meet her for another 2 months. It is strange for me to have a new somebody have the name Spratling and when I no longer am known by that name. I still feel like that's my name. So actually I feel part ownership in Savannah. :) No just kidding, but we already love her. They named her Savannah "Colette" after my mother, which is totally appropriate because Ben was always a mama's boy. NO really he was.

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natalie spratling said...

So fun to know her name...Your dad called us with the news but didn't have a name for her yet. I can't wait to meet these two sweet angels that have joined our family December is just too far away. I love seeing sweet Naomi on the blog and of course Cache (ok you and Devin as well) so keep taking all those fun picture. Love you guys. Happy first week of November:)