Friday, November 7, 2008

The rest of Halloween

For Halloween this year we went to the ward Trunk OR Treat and chile cook off the night before.
Devin kept character the entire night, including before and after the party. We took our nieghbors four children with us while she went to parent teacher conference and he had them entertained with stories about when he was "growin up on da farm, and cut his leg clean off when the tractor bucked him off." The lesson being learned to always wear your seat belt even if your "just in the tater field." Yes he ate his chile dinner with a shovel and by the end of the night he was assigning "manure duty" to whoever was misbehaving. Devin even treated us to some hillbillysinging of Halloween carols sung to the hymn of some famous christmas tunes. I thought Devin was going to scare the kids but by the end of the night we were all laughing. Even me.

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On Halloween, Devin took Cache trick or treating with our neighbor Sky. Naomi had a bit of a cough so I stayed in. After wards we made scones and pumpkin butter (thanks for the idea and recipe natalie!), and pumpkin muffins with our neighbors and planned on watching Ernest scared stupid, but the VCR broke so we just stuffed ourselves and talked. We had a total of TWO trick or treaters come and Devin's version this year of candy was a bag of Andes' mints. The kids were so excited when they saw them. They were like "OH MAN I LOVE THESE!" and went to grab a handful. Devin slapped there little fingers and then handed then each ONE teeny andes mint... I don't know I thought it was pretty funny. Those were the only trick or treaters like a said...I made fun of him a bit for that one.

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Natalie said...

I love looking at your guys blog. You guys seem so happy and life is good. When things are uptight and stressful i look at your guys blog and it puts in perspective what is important, family. Love and miss you guys.