Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Cache

Sunday was Cache's Birthday! November 2nd. I had bought a train table this summer at a garage sale (for $5 including tracks and train, but who's braggin?) We set that up just outside his door and grandma motorcycle sent an engineers hat and whistle to add to it. We put all his wrapped presents from us and other grandparents next to the table. We went and got him up to show him and he just had the biggest smile on his face I've ever seen. So cute that I just let him open all his presents right then and there instead of waiting to blow out his candles. He got a picture old testament book, which he was actually really really excited about and a Bob the builder hat(again found at a garage sale.) But I think his remote control toddler proof race car took the cake. We spent the day playing with is toys, or I should say Devin and he did, while I finished his cake. It didn't turn out anything as planned.. oh well. I don't have patience to try and do it slow and right.. I take too many short cuts and well...make a mess outta things, but just like last year, we were able to salvage it a little bit and make it presentable. Cache thought it was awesome.. so that's what matters right? I spent too much time stressin about it and not enough time just celebrating Cache's birthday and I do regret that a bit....better next year I guess. We invited some friends over to eat it and sing happy birthday that night and play with Cache. The next morning when I went to get Cache up he ran out, and said "where's my presents?" I guess he doesn't understand that birthday's are only once a year.
More than anything, I could tell that Cache just loved that we spent a whole day focused on him and giving him extra love and hearing us say over and over: "We are so glad you are part of our family Cache!" I think he really needed that. We've had a rough bout with Cache lately with him moving to a big boy bed and refusing to go to sleep at night and also potty training. I think he is so used to us saying "no Cache, why did you do that?!" Or "do you want a time out?" Or " You're in big trouble mister!"

To see just how much he enjoyed our attention, was awesome but hurt at the same time, because I could see in his eyes that he had been missing that, and wanting it.. He is such a good boy, and seems to have an extra large funny bone. I noticed it even in the hospital when he was born. Just the way he would look at us would crack us up. He has a thrill for life and a love for other kids that really is unique. He makes a new best friend every time he goes to the park or waiting room in the doctor's office. Little kids just seem to naturally follow him. I love hearing Cache singing(or yelling) primary songs from the minute he wakes up and all day long. His strong spirit is a challenge for us sometimes, but as someone pointed out to me the other day... the strong spirited ones were saved for this time because they would have the strength to stand up and fight Satan in these last days. Since then I've tried to look at him in a couple different light and instead of trying to get rid of his defiance or attitude, I am trying to focus it on the good and make him feel love from me, not someone he needs to fight. ( i have a lot to learn still though.) I could never imagine loving a little boy so much as we do Cache. What a great 3 years it's been! PhotobucketPhotobucket


Karli said...

Happy Birthday Cache! Sorry we missed it. I loved the picture of him with his hat. He is so cute, I wish we could play with him more! The cake looked awesome Amie, way better than I could ever do. See you guys in two weeks!!

natalie spratling said...

Amie, love the photos of Cache's "birfday" the cake look delicious. You come from quite the family of Cake Decorators. Your photos are amazing! Great job! Love the new look of your blog. You need to live close by so you can teach me all of the tricks..How to frame the photos? so fun.

Unknown said...

Beautiful Everythings Aime! The cake, the pumpkin head!

Have been anxiously waiting to see the Halloween Family Picture - you 'uns er lookin' good! While y'er at it will ya shoot me a squirrel for my supper? (J/K)

Cache turning 3 puts your kids at about the same spread as mine. It is good. I remember the first 6 months how much I missed having time with Isabel. But, it evens out and everything changes anyway. Just love 'em both whenever you can and be patient with yourself too!