Monday, September 10, 2012

The weekend in instagram

 This is just a regular occurrence with me in the kitchen.
Devin wasn't even phased by it when I showed him. (That is melted plastic not squid.)
 This night was special though. Two fires in one meal cooking.
Gold star for me.
 Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.
All of us kids are still REELING at the craziness of this purchase.
Now the lawn will only take 2 hours to mow.
Dad is turning to mush in his old age I guess.

Probably shouldn't have blogged that one.  
Need to fully get out my immatureness before I leave my 20's.
 We rode in circles from 10pm till 11pm one night. It was romantic.
Devin sharing chocolate popcorn with neighbors.
 Food is very very important to him.
 Free fun at the park!

Naomi insisted on doing THIS and waited an hour in line for it.

This bike race of Cache's was so funny. 

Booger wars! 
 We had a busy weekend. Business makes me cranky.

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Cindy Spratling said...

BWahahahahaahaaa! This post is awesome! I would have gotten mad at Ben if he would have taken a picture of that "food" but for some reason it's hilarious that YOU posted it!!! I love the squid and that you had two fires in one night. And cuteness points for you again! I have a purple dress like that but Ben told me once that I look like Barnie in it. Some I'm not allowed to wear it anymore. Boo.