Thursday, September 6, 2012

0I just planned out this weekend.  It is crazy busy but THEN I mapped out Sunday. Shoot.

Somehow this Sunday got outta control:

8am-Early morning meetings for Devin, while I feed and dress kids for church.
9:15- Grace assisted living- (Naomi will pre-give her primary talk and our family will do the whole sacrament meeting for the residents there.)
10:30- rush home, early lunch for kids.
11:00-2:00 Church.  Nay gives her talk, Devin and I do our busy church jobs.
2-4: feed kids, prepare dinner and maybe a nap?
4:15- Stake training meeting for me.
5:00- missionaries for dinner Probably before I get home.
6:30 and ON: bedtime, dinner clean up and make chicken salad for 65 people to be served Monday morning.
7:30 - make a few visits to ladies that moved into the ward.
Back home to finish making salad.

Lets say this is NOT typical for me. I am anti-commitment so I don't know how I got roped into all this.
wish me luck.  Mine and Devin's team work skills will be tested for sure.

I think we'll try to be reeeally lazy for the next day or two, just to keep Sunday in balance.
Aren't these 2 sweet? They are learning to play pretty good together with Cache at school all day.

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