Monday, September 10, 2012


Naomi takes after or mama and LOOOOVES to color. 
My grandma use to tell me that I when I came to visit she would just buy me a coloring book and I would spend days coloring it SOLID. I remember being a perfectionist and frustrated I couldn't make it look perfect like my mom's coloring or that the color wasn't just right shade of green for the tree etc. No spot of white could be left on the page and then when I was done, again I was frustrated that my crayons weren't pretty and sharp and didn't fit perfectly back in the box...
 I remember my arms and hands aching from holding the crayons so tight. 
Naomi is much the same.
While Cache is at school, she colors nearly the entire time.
She however stops right there when it comes to being like me.
First off, she breaks every crayon in half and peals the wrappers off and sometimes even takes a taste of them before she even considers them, "Ready to color."
And then she sings out loud as she colors.  
In Naomi's book, the more colorful and un realistic the better.  
Trees trunks or purple, orange, anything but brown.
My tree trunks HAD to be brown, and the perfect tree trunk shade of brown. No orangey browns.
Then when she gets done she proclaims them "SO nice." And giggles.
AAh I love her! And I love that she is opposite of me.  It makes me happy.
I want to be like her.  She is my gift.
Sunday I had to laugh because Gage was trying to color on her page while she was and it was making her MAD.  I asked her to let him just color a corner. 
"But MOM he just SCRIBBLES and doesn't stay in the lines."
This is what she was coloring:
Okay Naomi. :)

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Ben said...

Ha Ha! So funny! I love Nay!