Friday, September 21, 2012

Birthday's Galore

It may be only the season of fall everywhere else, but here in the Orton house it is season of Birthdays!
Naomi turned 4 last weekend and TODAY Gage is a big 2 years.
Two years ago yesterday I woke up on a much sunnier morning and thought I had had an accident. 
24 hours later we were holding Gage in our arms 3 weeks early.  That was riiight about.. NOW. 

It really was an amazing moment meeting him for the first time.  I remember that warm incredible feeling every time we drive by the hospital downtown and have to smile.

Last night I was putting on his beloved Spiderman Jammies.  He calls spider man BONDOON.
As I was dressing him I excitedly said: "Look BoonDeen!" (accidently prounouncing it wrong.)
He made his double chin put his eyebrows together and looking up at me, corrected me: "BONDOON."


Let the Birthday day begin!

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