Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor day 2012

Pretty satisfying Labor day weekend:

BSU Football game
Souper Salad
Eagle Farmer's market
Family Run on Green belt
Redbox afternoon: Chip wrecked and the newest Pirates movie.
Mckay's Birthday party and late night visiting/football w/ Berrett's.
Easy breezy Sunday.
Yoga class. 
Cleaned out and organized garage. Yesss. 
Took the tinting off Devin's car AND decals. (They were peeling)
Eagle Island for pancake dinner and swimming.

I made two lists: one of jobs and one of fun things to do that weekend.
Then we just kinda went by the seat of our pants. What do you want to do next?
Sure. Sounds good.
 Cache scootered for 5 miles!
I tried to get a pic of Cache scooting but he scoots way faster than I run..
Favorite memory of the whole weekend:  After swimming, I got the kids dressed in Jammies(in the grass.) Gage was tearin at the bit to get to the playground that was a few hundred yards away.  I told Nay and Gage to STAY PUT  while I grabbed my shoes.  Well Gage is really good at listening to me and bolted for the playground.  Naomi ran after him pulling him back, no use Gage kept tearing toward the playground in his one piece skin tight firetruck jammies and red shoes, yelling:
 "no no Meemee, no no Meemee!"(Meemee= Naomi)  Finally fell on his tummy and Naomi, plopped herself right ontop him. (They are almost same weight so no worries.)  And there she sat till I finished gathering all the sand toys and towels.  By the time I got to her she was singing to herself and twirling her hair and in between notes patting Gage on the diaper and saying sweetly "It's okay, you'll get an owie by yourself on the playground."  You can imagine Gage screaming underneath her didn't hear a word. 
When all else fails..
sit on him.
 Good problem solving skills.
Laughed forever bout that one.

It felt like our last summer Eagle island trip... something in the air. 
We will still do fall Eagle island trips.
Good bye sweet Summer.
Welcome beautiful Autumn.

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