Saturday, November 13, 2010

Watch this only if you feel like peeing.
 In your pants.
The last 1 second of this video clip is Devin's favorite part.

Thank you Sambo for sharing.
And visiting us this weekend.

And here's my shameless ploy to get  more visitors...
We'll take you here:

Can you find Devin?

We'll feed you this:

And you can cuddle this now smiling little munch munch:
So sweet you'll want to just eat him.
Please stick to the caramel corn.

But watch out for these guys.

 They'll shoot your eye out.

Please come anyway.


Zana said...

So loved your comment, made James laugh and I walked all the way to the kitchen to see what he thought about the name Gordon and for the first time out of all 300 hundred names we've thrown out there, he paused & said 'hmmm, I don't oppose that one'

I was shocked.

So I'll send you a batch of your favorite cookies if that name makes it to the end :)
By the way, the name Gage totally fits your family and know plenty of moms who doubt the name once they try to attach it to the new bundle but do let us know with new posts every time you rename him :)

I'd like to come for a visit for every reason you posted but since it's Sunday...I especially want that caramel popcorn!!!

natalie spratling said...

I would love to come for a visit. We went to a trampoline world in Denver one time and the kids had a fabulous time...looks like we need to come your way for all those reasons and even if you didn't have all those reasons we would come to just see you and that sweet little family of yours. I am counting the days until Christmas vacation to see all those I love. Love you guys.

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

I've ALWAYS wanted to jump into a foam pit! I wish I could have see Sam do it.